Photos of the Gulag at Sighet Prison, Romania

Pictures of the Gulag Prison of Sighet, Romania.

Pictures & Images of the Gulag prison of Sighet ( Sighetu Marmatiei ) is one of the most known centres were the political prisoners were imprisoned, remarkable persons of the pre-communist Romania. Many of them lived their last days between the cold walls of this prison. The Memorial Sighet was established as a reminder of the atrocities committed by the communist regime - for years the populace had been brain-washed to create the so-called "New Man" through the rewriting of history and poisoning the memories of generations. Sighet prison was chosen as one of many political prisons set up in Stalinist times and because it was where the country's political, spiritual and cultural elite of the pre-war democracy was exterminated. Due to its remoteness Sighet being right on the Ukraine boarder to the north and surrounded by mountain ranges to the south, west & east, it was chosen to house high ranking political, Religious & aristocratic prisoners. Even if a prisoner managed to escape from Sighet there was mower to run.

The prison is a museum and a memorial for those that died and suffered in the Romanian Gulags of which Sighet held the most famous Romanian prisoners.

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