Photos of The Bridestones Rocks, North Yorkshire

Pictures of The Bridestones, North Yorkshire England.

Pictures of the Bridestones nature reserve, Dalby forest in the North Yorks Moors National Park. The Bridestones are weathered Jurassic sandstone outcrops that stand on the edge of a valley of ancient woodland in Dalby forest. Some of the Bridestones are cylindrical towers whilst others have been weathered at their bases to create rocks formations that look like they may topple at any moment. There are many so called Bridestones across the neolithic landscape of Britain, some man made and some natural formations like those in Dalby. Many of the Bridestone sites are associated with pagan rituals and their purpose is unknown yet the name Bridestones have been passed down to us from antiquity. These ancient Bridestones and set in Site of Scientific Interest with rare plants like the insect catching sundew.


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