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Hungary has produced wine since Roman times. The Turkish introduced the red grape with varieties like Kardaka that are now only grown in Hungary. The wine regions were neglected under socilism and even the Queen of wine, Tojay, suffered a drop in quality.

In recent times new wine makers have started to return Hungary back to its former high quality production and the Villany Region has benfited the most in Hungary from investment and modern marketing techniques. Villany wines are amonst the best in Hungary with fine wines commanding high prices. As Hungarians consume a very high percentage of their wine there are still some famous Villany wine makers that do not export their wine at all.

Villany is right in the south of Hungary on the Coatian border. Pecs is its nearest big city. The Villany region follows a line of hills that climb out of a flat plain. Next to Villany is the wine cellar village of villanykovesd. This is where the family growers still make wine in rows of small wine cellars which have tunnels stretching underground behind them. The big companies though have very big modern wine making cellars that cater for high volume and these are in Villany itself.

In this collection of stock photos you will find photos of Villany vineyards and photos of villanykovesd wine cellars

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