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This site will give us a chance to talk about photography and how we work. The aim is to try and distill over 25 years of experience into articles that will hopefully inform, entertain and provoke thought and comment.

Food photography in particular has now really come of age and is seen as an area of photography in its own right. It was not always this way and how my career started before food was a throw away form of photography tagged onto still life.

Today food photography is a vibrant exciting area full of possibilities and how we got her is an exciting story and one I want to pursue on this site.

We hope you enjoy this site and look forward to hearing from you.

Paul Williams

New Studio In Budapest

In Jan 2009 we decided to open a new project studio in Budapest.

I used to work a lot in Hungary directing food commercials for ASP Productions and thats where I met my wife Terez Mahr. We worked together for 11 years in London where we still have a large studio in Camden. A combination of events and wanting new challenges led us to deciding on living in Budapest as well as London. I still commute to photograph in London but I am committed to making a career in Hungary and learning Hungarian as well.

One area of photography we have been expanding is location photography. We have been looking for some time to have a european base to allow us to travel more easily. Budapest is at the heart of western and Eastern europe. From here we can explore developing europe and be in 11 countries in a matter of hours.

We hope to find new food and experience new ways of cooking and presenting food which we can feed back into our studio photography. Its an exciting new challenge and we will keep you updated on this s



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